Internal toll free number from platinum

Platinum Communications is offering international toll free numbers in and outside Bangladesh depending on your organization’s type. Whether you are a foreign or a Bangladeshi company, we are offering international toll free numbers for you to enhance sales and services.

  • Premium service will be provided using Platinum’s robust, reliable network infrastructure in both Bangladesh and foreign territory
  • Maximum uptime due to redundancy in international and domestic network. Platinum uses both SEA-ME-WE4 and International Terrestrial Cable (ITC) which are cable systems that connects Bangladesh to the internet
  • Excellent voice quality is ensured by use of carrier grade equipment and QoS enabled IP network
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Conference call support
  • Time based routing support, allows you to forward your call to any geographical region based on time/day in year
  • Real-time call detail record (CDR)
  • 24/7 customer service all the year round, available over phone, email, skype, yahoo etc.
  • Give boost to your business by making your customers happy because they will be able to call you for free and raise any sales enquiry or resolve technical issues conveniently
  • Cost effective
  • Own choice of number
  • Payment in Taka for Bangladeshi Customers
If you are a foreign company looking to reach Bangladeshi customers

You will be benefited by taking ITFS numbers from Platinum. Bangladeshi customers will be able to call you from anywhere in Bangladesh for free. Platinum will handle all the formalities and interconnection requirement within the country and the calls will finally be routed to your phone numbers (office/call center) or to you softswitch sitting anywhere in the world using VoIP (SIP).

If you are a Bangladeshi company looking to reach customers worldwide

If you are a Bangladeshi company with a growing global customer base outside Bangladesh, Platinum can provide you with toll free numbers anywhere in the world. Your customers will be able to call you from all over the world for free. Platinum will handle all call routing requirement in the international part and help you to integrate the the toll free numbers with your contact center.


Platinum Communication Limited

82, Mohakhali C/A, 2nd Floor, Dhaka, 1212. Bangladesh


Cell: +880.175 563 2828


Platinum is connected through both SEA-ME-We-4 and Terrestrial cable systems with Singapore and London for Providing TDM and IP voice interconnections. 

Platinum Voice Switching system is based on proven technology from Dialogic and Cisco. Support for SIP, H.323 and TDM based interconnects with protocol & codec conversion facility.

All critical network elements including core, transmission & billing platform have been designed in 1+1 redundancy architecture providing 99.999% availability.

Customer traffic volume analysis with web based portal. Partner support with 24 x 7 NOC and skilled support personnel.


Platinum offers Premium CLI termination for Bangladesh using VOIP as well as TDM technology. Platinum supports standard protocols like Sip & H323 with wide variety of codecs.

Mission| Vision| Goals

To provide highest quality world-class service to our partners using latest technology and inspired workforce.

To establish ourselves as a top notch international Voice Carrier providing best quality service with minimal costs across all boundaries

Creating value partnerships with win-win business models by efficient use of available technology for better partner comfort.

To ensure high level of transparency and ethical standards for greater social development of all.